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This site contains a regularly updated library of video, articles and related content from a wide range of sources where you can find information, including in-depth investigations, on current and past events. Some of the issues covered on this site include: the war on terrorism, the exploitation of developing nations, the financial crisis, the spread of propaganda through social media, the rise of fascism, the struggle and conflict across the Middle East, the impact of austerity and the growth of precarious employment.

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RECENT VIDEO — from the Video section

Media platforms and far-right movements in the UK.

Media platforms and far-right movements in the UK — Listening Post, Aljazeera

13 August 2018
Weapons of Mass Deception.

Weapons of Mass Deception — Our World, BBC

21 July 2018
K is for Karl.

K is for Karl: The basic ideas of Karl Marx — Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

27 May 2018

RECENT ARTICLES — from the Articles section

UK intelligence agency admits unlawfully spying on Privacy International

25 September 2018 | Privacy International

Chagos Islands dispute: UK ‘threatened’ Mauritius

27 August 2018 | BBC News

Royals ‘no good for economy’ campaigners claim

27 June 2018 | Republic


Goldman Sachs: The bank that rules the world.

Goldman Sachs: The bank that rules the world — Arte Capa Presse

19 June 2014
A Very British Coup.

A Very British Coup (1988) — Skreba Films

20 March 2010
Secrets of the CIA.

Secrets of the CIA (2006) — Caroline Davies

4 January 2006