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Mother of Windrush citizen blames passport problems for his death

18 April 2018 | Guardian

The mother of a Windrush citizen who died suddenly last month after being classified as an illegal immigrant and sacked from his job believes the stress caused by his immigration problems was responsible for his death. Sentina Bristol says Theresa May should quit.

Islamophobic U.S. Megadonor Fuels German Far-Right Party With Viral Fake News

22 September 2017 | The Intercept

The rise of Alternative for Germany, the new far-right political party competing in the upcoming federal election, has unsettled the consensus-driven, moderate politics of postwar Germany with its rabid anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric, unabashed nationalism, and winking gestures embracing the country’s Nazi past.

‘What’s the word p*ki between friends?’

4 June 2017 | Media Diversified

When I was seven, during a game of playground football in Claygate, a small town in Surrey, I fell over and bashed my knee; “p*ki, are you okay?” one of my teammates asked, his bony face peering down at me. He went to get a tissue so I could wipe the blood off my leg, the scar from that fall can still be seen today.

Racism on the rise in Britain

27 May 2014 | Guardian

Exclusive: British Social Attitudes survey finds proportion of people in the UK who say they are racially prejudiced has risen since 2001.

Bill Maher, Liberals, Racism and Patriarchy

18 October 2013 | CounterPunch

As a secular humanist leftist, I was first drawn to Real Time with Bill Maher, several years ago, because of Bill Maher’s critiques of the religious right. The smug pundit is skilled in the art of carefully crafting a lofty persona—a persona a critical viewer will soon find to be an untenable façade.

Bill Maher, Worse than Glenn Beck

21 June 2013 | CounterPunch

Watching Real Time with Bill Maher is a truly painful experience. In just a few tortuous minutes of the program, its hallmarks become clear: an endless barrage of jokes made unabashedly at the expense of the oppressed, justified as critiques of “political correctedness,” is punctuated by mind-numbing expressions of ignorance, thinly veiled behind an air of bombastic righteousness and shameless self-aggrandizement, all situated squarely within a setting of diehard Democrat cheerleading.

The shocking link between racism and schizophrenia

10 October 2011 | New Internationalist

Research suggests that both first and second-generation migrants are up to five times more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia in the UK than white British people. On World Mental Health Day, Nick Harvey argues there is increasing evidence that racial discrimination within society is to blame.

So you think you're English?

5 November 2006 | Telegraph

Lord Tebbit, Carol Thatcher and other volunteers thought they were pure Anglo Saxon — until they were DNA-tested. Andrew Graham-Dixon watched their jaws drop on discovering racial origins from Africa, the Middle East, even Mongolia. We are all mongrels now, he says.

Churchill — the truth

30 September 2002 | Guardian

Black history month starts tomorrow, but what we really need is white history month to dispel all the myths.

Schizophrenia ‘linked to racism’

7 December 2001 | BBC News

Racism and discrimination may be contributory factors in the development of schizophrenia, according to a controversial scientific study.

What really happened in Florida?

16 February 2001 | Newsnight, BBC

We want to know whether George W Bush won the election or did brother Jeb steal it for him? Our investigation suggest the answer lies in this shuttered building and in a very expensive contract between Governor Jeb's division of elections and a private company named DBT, which ‘accidentally’ wiped off the voter rolls thousands of Democratic voters.