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Scallywag Magazine is a political satire publication dedicated to exposing corruption, hypocrisy and injustice within Britain's political and judicial establishments.

Simon Regan.

Scallywag magazine was published between 1991 and 1998. It was founded and edited by Simon Regan who died, aged 58, in August 2000. Regan was inspired by Private Eye — a news and current affairs magazine with a unique blend of satire and investigative journalism. Scallywag was originally available on news-stands until legal action forced it onto the internet.

Scanned copies of the following issues are available to view at the Scallywag Archive.

The following issues, copies and articles are accessible from the internet archive Wayback Machine.

Scallywag's co-founder, Angus James, edited the magazine's successor, Spiked magazine — copies of which can also be found here:

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