A Very British Coup (1988)

20 March 2010 | Skreba Films

update: high quality versions now available, 29 November 2017

Based on the novel by Chris Mullin, this political thriller stars Ray McAnally as the newly elected left-wing prime minister Harry Perkins, who soon finds himself up to his neck in conspiracy. The Perkins government sets out to dissolve all newspaper monopolies, remove all US military bases from UK soil, disarm all British nuclear weapons and run a true open government. The right-wing, with the help of MI5 and the CIA, immediately plot to depose him.

Episode 1

Harry Perkins, an ex-steelworker from Sheffield, becomes prime minister in a landslide victory during elections on a manifesto committed to radical policies.

Episode 2

The establishment is none too pleased with Perkins, and soon the world outside Number 10 — the media, the civil service, the armed services and particularly the Americans — set out to stop him in his tracks.

Episode 3

Financial crises, sex scandals and industrial unrest. In the final part, the storm clouds continue to gather around Perkins.