After Dark: Secrets (1987)

13 September 2011 | Open Media

First broadcast in 1987, this late-night discussion programme explores government secrecy. Hosted by the late Anthony Wilson, it features Clive Ponting MBE, Margaret Moore, Colin Wallace, T.E. Utley CBE, Isaac Evans, Peter Hain and Anne Marie Sandler.

The most interesting guest is Colin Wallace who was employed by the British government to carry out psychological warfare operations in Northern Ireland. Wallace was a member of a project called ‘Clockwork Orange’ which, he alleges, involved right-wing members of the security services in a disinformation campaign aimed at British MPs.

In 1980, Wallace was convicted of the manslaughter of the husband of one of his work colleagues. The conviction was quashed in 1996 in the light of new forensic and other evidence, ten years after he was released from prison. During the appeal hearing, a Home Office pathologist, Dr Ian West, admitted that some of the evidence that he had used at Wallace's trial had been supplied to him by “an American security source”.

In his book Who Framed Colin Wallace?, the journalist Paul Foot suggested that Wallace may have been framed for the killing, possibly by renegade members of the British security services, in a bid to discredit his allegations that members of the Intelligence community had attempted to rig the 1974 General Elections in which Harold Wilson came to power with a minority government.