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Blood Oil: why does the West continue buying oil from tyrants?

Blood Oil: why does the West continue buying oil from tyrants? — Going Underground, RT

28 June 2017

Professor Leif Wenar, author of Blood Oil: Tyrants, Violence and the Rules that Run the World talks about how governments will buy oil from anyone.

Oil, Arms and Militant Wahhabism is the Basis of US-Saudi Relationship.

Oil, Arms and Militant Wahhabism is the Basis of US-Saudi Relationship — Real News Network

3 January 2017

Medea Benjamin and Paul Jay examine how 115 billion dollars in recent US arms sales and a dictatorship that helps dominate the oil-rich region is the reason for the lasting “friendship” between the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Nafeez Ahmed.

It's all about the oil, stupid... — The Big Picture, RT

10 September 2013

Dr Nafeez Ahmed, the Guardian, joins Thom Hartmann. What's the REAL reason behind Washington's push for more violence and bloodshed in Syria? Read more here.

The Assassination of Hugo Chavez.

The Assassination of Hugo Chavez — Greg Palast

16 March 2013

As a purgative for the crappola fed to Americans about Hugo Chavez, Palast's foundation is offering this film as a free download: taken from his several meetings with Chavez and his would-be assassins, based on his reports for BBC Television and Harper's Magazine.

Vaya con Dios, Hugo Chavez, mi Amigo.

Vaya con Dios, Hugo Chavez, mi Amigo — The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann

9 March 2013

Greg Palast joins Thom Hartmann. The man who famously called George W Bush the devil and a donkey is dead. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez passed away on Tuesday — after a long battle with cancer. So how will history look back at the man that the Bush Administration loved to hate?

Fuelling Poverty.

Fuelling Poverty (2012) — Ishaya Bako

3 December 2012

Documentary Featurette about the culture of greed and corruption in Nigeria, articulated through the Fuel Subsidy Scam of 2011.

Simon Mann's African Coup.

Simon Mann's African Coup: Black Beach — Christopher Olgiati

2 December 2009

A failed coup attempt... a British mercenary in a grim African prison... a dictator accused by the West of torture... and beneath it all, a spectacular underwater oil reserve that the world's major powers would love to get their hands on. Storyville's penetrating look at the mysterious goings on in Equatorial Guinea, a tiny West African nation newly rich from oil and infamous for corruption. This film sheds light on the uncomfortable realities of oil politics in the 21st century. more »

Peter Dale Scott.

Oil, Drugs and the Future of Afghanistan (2002) — Peninsula Peace & Justice Center

9 July 2009

Filmed in 2002, this presentation by Peter Dale Scott was for the most part accurate in its analysis of the Afghan war. Scott explains why Afghanistan is important to America and its geostrategy in the region. He also outlines why oil, drugs and terrorism are often found intertwined.

Fight for Oil.

Fight for Oil: 100 Years in the Middle East — Dieter & Joachim Schroeder

21 March 2009

The history of the race for oil in the Middle East, and the conflict it caused between world powers in the 20th century, is explored in this documentary series.

Big Oil and Iraq.

Big Oil and Iraq — Bill Moyers, Journal, PBS

2 July 2008

“Oh no, they told us, Iraq isn't a war about oil. That's cynical and simplistic, they said. It's about terror and al-Qaeda and toppling a dictator and spreading democracy and protecting ourselves from WMD. But one by one, these concocted rationales went up in smoke, fire, and ashes. And now the bottom line turns out to be, the bottom line. It is about oil.” (View the ‘Cheney Energy Task Force’ documents here)

It's all about oil.

Inside Iraq: oil law — Aljazeera

22 June 2008

Who said the war wasn't about oil? If a new law is passed in Iraq, the big multinationals will get a huge share of the country's vast oil wealth. With deals that could secure them black gold for several generations to come, critics accuse Iraq's Prime Minister of handing over the country's national wealth.


TAPI or IPI? — BooHooHooMan

17 June 2008

The proposed Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline has a rival: the “peace pipeline”, aka the Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) gas pipeline. They both aim to supply Pakistan and India with much-needed gas. This explains, to some extent, the increased troop levels in Afghanistan and the increasingly aggressive stance towards Iran. More detailed information can be found here and here.

Rebels in the Pipeline.

Rebels in the Pipeline — Current TV

31 May 2008

Current's Mariana van Zeller travels to one of the most unstable regions in the world — Nigeria's oil-rich Niger Delta. She investigates what's behind the growing number of kidnappings and attacks in Africa's largest oil producer and the US's fifth largest energy supplier.

The Epic of Black Gold.

The Epic of Black Gold (2004) — Jean-Pierre Beaurenaut & Yves Billon

23 February 2008

The history of oil is the history of the 20th century. It is a history of corruption, violence, unimaginable profits and human suffering. In the last 100 years, oil has changed almost every part of human life in almost every corner of the globe. This series sets out to tell the tale of Black Gold, in suitably epic detail and scope; from John D Rockefeller and Henry Ford's Model-T, through both world wars, to the current US engagement in Iraq.

A High-Risk Barrel.

A High-Risk Barrel (2005) — Emmanuel Amara, SUNSET Presse

24 September 2007

What are the problems posed by dwindling oil supplies? What are the oil companies doing as oil becomes harder to find? Features Colin Campbell, Matthew Simmons, Chris Skrebowski, Ron Oxburgh, Jack Zagar and Chris Sanders.

David Strahan.

The Last Oil Shock — The Real Deal

1 August 2007

George Galloway interviews David Strahan — investigative journalist, documentary film-maker and author. They discuss Iraq, Iran and the future of oil. Strahan produced and directed the BBC Money Programme films about oil (featured below). See Strahan's website: The Last Oil Shock.

Iraq: Mixing Oil & Blood.

Iraq: Mixing Oil & Blood — Grace Productions

28 July 2007

Reporter Chris Frederick investigates the controversial background to Iraq's Oil Law, recently approved by the Iraqi cabinet, which critics say will effectively hand over control of the country's prized oil industry into the hands of foreign multinational oil companies.

Australian Defence Minister Brendan Nelson.

Australia ‘has Iraq oil interest’ — BBC News

6 July 2007

Australian Defence Minister Brendan Nelson has admitted that securing oil supplies is a key factor behind the presence of Australian troops in Iraq. (Who would of thunk it?)

The Scramble for Darfur's Oil.

Oil Prospects: Scramble for Oil in Darfur — Aljazeera

10 March 2007

It's not often you see a news report covering the real reasons for the conflict in Darfur, Sudan. Chinese and American oil companies are scrambling to extract this region's rich oil reserves.

The Last Oil Shock.

The Last Oil Shock (2000) — David Strahan, Money Programme, BBC

12 February 2007

First shown in November 2000, this programme meets the scientists who believe that we are at the beginning of the long-term decline in conventional oil production.

Africa: US Oil's New Target.

Africa: US Oil's New Target (2005) — Helmut Grosse, WDR

3 February 2007

America has set its sights on Africa, which, according to a White House national energy policy document, is predicted to be — together with Latin America — “one of the fastest growing sources of oil and gas” for the future American market. But in the global hunt for oil, America has to compete with an increasingly successful and aggressive major competitor: China.

The Oil Factor...

The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror (2004) — Free-Will Productions

23 October 2006

After assessing today's dwindling oil reserves and skyrocketing use of oil for fuels, plastics and chemicals, The Oil Factor questions the motives for the US wars in the Middle East and Central Asia, where three-quarters of the world's oil and natural gas is located.

Armed Madhouse.

Greg Palast on his new book “Armed Madhouse:...” — Democracy Now

26 June 2006

In this interview, Palast suggests that the Iraq war may actually be about keeping Iraq's oil in the ground to raise the price globally, and thereby increasing the profits for the oil majors. He also talks about Hugo Chavez and the petro-dollar.

Greg Palast and Hugo Chavez.

Chavez's Venezuela: Bush Over a Barrel — Greg Palast, Newsnight, BBC

26 June 2006

Venezuela has large deposits of extra-heavy oil that previously was too expensive to exploit. Now, with oil costing over $50 a barrel, those reserves are estimated to be far in excess of those in the entire Middle East.

History of Oil.

Robert Newman's History of Oil — Robert Newman

13 April 2006

The comedian and author gets to grips with the wars and politics of the last hundred years — but rather than adhering to the history we were fed at school, he places oil centre-stage as the cause of all the commotion. Excellent and factual, Newman tells it how it is.

Denial Stops Here: From 9-11 to Peak Oil and Beyond.

Denial Stops Here: From 9-11 to Peak Oil and Beyond — Michael C Ruppert

1 April 2006

Ruppert's follow-up to The Truth and Lies of 9-11. In this film, compiled from various recent lectures, Ruppert discusses the 9-11 cover-up, peak oil, the war in Iraq, economic turmoil and accountability, world events relating to oil, and sustainability and the importance of community reliance.

Is it all about the euro?

Conspiracies: Iraq — Redback Films

12 January 2006

Simon Reeve investigates the real reasons for the war in Iraq. Starting with oil and the contracts set up between Saddam and non-American/British companies. The latter part of the film looks at the petro-dollar cycle and how OPEC members can threaten US power by using the euro to trade oil — could Iran be next?

It's all about oil!

Is it all about oil? — Newsnight, BBC

19 December 2005

First shown in January 2003, this news story shows how important Iraqi oil is to the world market and how the regime change could impact OPEC.

The Curse of Oil.

The Curse of Oil — Storyville, BBC

8 June 2005

Three-part series that goes on a revealing journey through the world's oil-producing regions, beyond the familiar territory of the Middle East.

Part 1: Rich and Poor
Ecuador and Angola where, historically, oil has proved to be more of a curse than a blessing.

Part 2: The Pipeline
The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline that transports oil from the Caspian to the Mediterranean Sea.

Part 3: The Wilderness
Oil development in Alaska and Alberta.

click here to see the 'secret iraqi oil plans'

Secret US plans for Iraq's oil — Greg Palast, Newsnight, BBC

21 March 2005

Palast reveals how the Bush administration made plans for war and for Iraq's oil before the 9/11 attacks, sparking a policy battle between neo-cons and Big Oil.

The War for Oil.

The War for Oil (2003) — David Strahan, Money Programme, BBC

6 February 2005

The advocates of war insist “it's not about oil”. But global oil production is on the brink of terminal decline, and when the West begins to run short of supplies, Iraq could be a lifeline.

Scratcher and the Coup that Failed.

Thatcher and the Coup that Failed — Alex Millar

25 January 2005

This film uncovers the attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea, meeting the key players and dishing the dirt that no-one else knows. It tells the inside story of international power play, oil-fuelled greed, men with guns and the son of the former British Prime Minister.


US ready to seize Gulf oil in 1973 — James Landale, BBC

1 January 2004

Recently made public British government documents show that the US was considering using force to seize oilfields in the Middle East during an oil embargo by Arab states in 1973.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

The coup against Hugo Chavez — Greg Palast, BBC

30 December 2003

Palast takes a look at the failed coup attempt by the US in the world's fourth largest oil exporting country, Venezuela.

President of OPEC.

Oil as a Weapon — HARDtalk, BBC

11 March 2003

An interview with the president of OPEC, discussing the relevance of Iraq's oil.

ABC News Nightline.

Spoils of War — Nightline, ABC

30 December 2002

The importance of Iraq's oil supplies, and who will control them after a war.

Peak Oil.

Peak Oil — Dr Colin Campbell

30 December 2002

In 2000, oil industry expert Dr Colin Campbell lectured in Germany on the peak of world oil production.

Short interview with Campbell.

The War Conspiracy.

The War Conspiracy — Stephen Marshall, GNN

30 December 2002

Connections between the CIA, oil companies and the Vietnam war.

ABC News Nightline.

In the National Interest (2002) — Nightline, ABC News

30 December 2002

Special news report on the politics, the players and the potential of developing a relationship with Central Asia to end dependence on Persian Gulf oil.