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Andrew Cockburn on New Evidence Linking Saudis to Attacks.

“Will the 9/11 Case Finally Go to Trial?”: Andrew Cockburn on New Evidence Linking Saudis to Attacks — Democracy Now

13 September 2017

As the nation marks the 16th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, questions still swirl about the role of Saudi Arabia in the attacks. The 9/11 attack was carried out by 19 hijackers, 15 of whom were from Saudi Arabia. Sixteen years after the attacks, 9/11 families and survivors are continuing their efforts to take Saudi Arabia to trial. Just this week, the New York Post reported new evidence presented in the case alleging the Saudi Embassy in Washington, DC, funded a “dry run” of 9/11 two years before the attacks. The families’ lawyers say the new allegations offer “a pattern of both financial and operational support” by the Saudi government. We speak with Andrew Cockburn, whose latest piece is headlined Crime and Punishment: Will the 9/11 case finally go to trial?

The Agent.

The Agent — Alex Gibney, The New Yorker Presents

10 June 2016

In a short documentary directed by Alex Gibney, Lawrence Wright and others discuss what the CIA knew about the 9/11 hijackers — before 9/11.

28 Pages.

28 Pages — 60 Minutes, CBS

2 May 2016

Current and former members of Congress, US officials, 9/11 Commissioners and the families of the attack's victims want 28 top-secret pages of a congressional report released. Bob Graham, the former Florida governor, Democratic US Senator and onetime chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, says the key section of a top secret report he helped author should be declassified to shed light on possible Saudi support for some of the 9/11 hijackers.

The Empire Files.

The Empire Files — Abby Martin, TeleSUR

5 September 2015

From inside history's biggest empire: Files logged by Abby Martin recording a world shaped by war and inequality.

Yemen - America's New Frontline.

Yemen: America's New Frontline — Yalda Hakim, Our World, BBC

30 September 2013

Yemen is the new frontline in America's war with Al Qaeda. From the use of drones, to the treatment of detainees, President Obama has promised a new approach to fighting Al Qaeda. Yalda Hakim has been to Yemen to find out what this means for people living there, and to ask if America is creating more enemies than it's killing.

Nafeez Ahmed.

It's all about the oil, stupid... — The Big Picture, RT

10 September 2013

Dr Nafeez Ahmed, the Guardian, joins Thom Hartmann. What's the REAL reason behind Washington's push for more violence and bloodshed in Syria? Read more.

Clare Daly.

Leaders' Questions on the G8 and the visit of the Obamas to Ireland — Clare Daly, United Left

29 June 2013

Clare Daly asks about all the slobbering over the American President and his family by Irish Government officials on the recent visit by the Obamas after the G8 summit held in Co. Fermanagh.

Resource grab in Mali?

Uranium Rush: African resource grab behind Mali mission? — Russia Today

31 January 2013

The US has confirmed that the terrorists behind the recent deadly hostage-taking in Algeria got their weapons from Libya. The attack was staged in response to France's intervention in Mali. RT's Maria Finoshina looks at why French troops are there at all.

Admin Aids French Bombing of Mali...

Admin Aids French Bombing of Mali After US-Trained Forces Join Rebels in Uranium-Rich Region — Democracy Now

31 January 2013

The United States has backed the offensive by helping transport French troops and making plans to send drones or other surveillance aircraft. It is aiding a fight against Malian forces that it once helped train, only to see them defect and join the Islamist rebellion.

The Secret Drone War.

The Secret Drone War — Panorama, BBC

11 December 2012

America's CIA is fighting a secret war in the badlands of Pakistan — targeting al-Qaeda and other militants with hellfire missiles in drone strikes that the UN says are illegal. No one knows the true number who have died, but it is estimated that the death toll may be around 3,000 — some of them, it is claimed, innocent women and children. Panorama goes to Waziristan, one of the most dangerous places in the world, to report on the drone war and to find out from its victims why they are seeking justice in the British courts.

The Spy Factory.

The Spy Factory — James Bamford

1 December 2011

In this program, an eye-opening documentary on the National Security Agency by best-selling author James Bamford, Nova exposes the ultra-secret intelligence agency's role in the failure to stop the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent eavesdropping program that listens in without warrant on millions of American citizens.

Countdown with Keith Olbemann.

Special Comment: The Muslim Community Center — Countdown with Keith Olbemann

23 August 2010

Olbemann's brilliant Special Comment about the Muslim Community Center in New York.

Shadow Secrets: refined and improved.

Shadow Secrets — The Dossier

9 March 2010

Compiled, edited and produced by theDossier, this film looks at the origins and history of the Afghan Mujahedin and al-Qaeda, and their associations with various intelligence agencies including the CIA, FBI, MI6 and those of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Peter Dale Scott.

Oil, Drugs and the Future of Afghanistan (2002) — Peninsula Peace & Justice Center

9 July 2009

Filmed in 2002, this presentation by Peter Dale Scott was for the most part accurate in its analysis of the Afghan war. Scott explains why Afghanistan is important to America and its geostrategy in the region. He also outlines why oil, drugs and terrorism are often found intertwined.

The New Great Game: The River of Destiny.

The New Great Game: The River of Destiny — Iqbal Malhotra

3 April 2009

This film documents the political scenario of the past, present and future in Central Asia with special emphasis on the role of Islamic fundamentalism and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Filmed before the terror attacks of September 11th, it provides an in-depth analysis of the events taking place in Afghanistan, events connected quite directly with the attacks. more »

Massoud: Destiny's Afghan.

Massoud: Destiny's Afghan — Iqbal Malhotra

28 March 2009

Born in 1953 in Panjshir, Ahmed Shah Massoud became one of Afghanistan's most successful military leaders. A man of humble origins, Massoud became a secular leader for whom all Afghans were equal. As a military officer, he was a great strategist, both practical and pragmatic. After repelling the Soviet army's troops in the early 1980s, Massoud was nicknamed the “Lion of Panjshir”, but his triumphs were not tainted by bloodlust or intoxication of power. Massoud was assassinated two days before the 9/11 attacks.

George Galloway.

Comment 12-02-09 — PressTV

15 February 2009

George Galloway responds to questions from 9-11 ‘truthers’ on his weekly show. Clearly he doesn't buy the crap generated by Loose Change. Watch Shadow Secrets for an objective view on 9-11.

In Plain Sight.

In Plain Sight (2007) — Aljazeera

22 October 2008

An extraordinary account of the cover-up and complicity of US intelligence in the run-up to 9/11 — with exclusive footage of the hijackers preparing for their suicide mission.

Seymour Hersh.

Cheney considered proposal to dress up Navy Seals as Iranians and shoot them — Seymour Hersh

4 August 2008

Hersh has revealed that Bush administration officials held a meeting in the Vice President's office to discuss ways to provoke a war with Iran. During this meeting an idea was considered to dress up Navy Seals as Iranians, put them on fake Iranian speedboats, and shoot at them in the Straits of Hormuz. It was rejected because “you can't have Americans killing Americans”. MSNBC also reported this story.

Sky News reporter, Tim Marshall.

The Hidden Army of Radical Islam (2005) — Sky News

22 July 2008

Sky News obtained evidence of hundreds of radical Islamic Holy warriors (mujahedin) hiding in Bosnia a decade after the end of the war. Tim Marshall went to Zenica and found a growing radicalisation, and a new base for al-Qaeda. Read this article: How We Trained Al-Qa'eda, for more on the secret alliance between the Pentagon and radical Islamic groups from the Middle East, and their efforts to assist Bosnia's Muslims throughout the 1990s. (At which point did al-Qaeda cease to be an “asset” of US/UK intelligence?)

Prince Bandar bin-Sultan.

Ex-Saudi ambassador: Kingdom could have helped US prevent 9/11 — CNN

22 July 2008

Prince Bandar bin Sultan says that Saudi intelligence (GIP) was “actively following” most of the 9/11 plotters “with precision”. (He means ‘actively supporting’)

Declassified: The Taliban.

Declassified: The Taliban (2005) — Shearer, Kosh, Flynn

11 July 2008

In 1979, the CIA armed and funded the Mujahedin leaving a programme worth millions of dollars in the hands of the Pakistani intelligence service (ISI). Among the Mujahedin was a rich Saudi called Osama bin Laden. By 1984, the US was spending $200 million a year on the Afghan/Soviet war. After five years, President Reagan and the CIA decided to triple the budget for weapons to the Mujahedin. The Taliban emerge later in the mid-1990s out of the Pakistani madrassas. During this period, the ISI introduced bin Laden to Taliban leaders.

9/11 - The Third Tower.

9/11-The Third Tower — Mike Rudin, BBC

7 July 2008

Investigation into the theories surrounding the collapse of Seven World Trade Center on 9/11. Once again, the producers of this series have focused on the crackpot theories, ie controlled demolition. A proper investigation would probe the Saudi ‘elite’ and Pakistan's intelligence service (ISI); both heavily involved in the hijacking plot and al-Qaeda, and both having established ties with the CIA and MI6.


TAPI or IPI? — BooHooHooMan

17 June 2008

The proposed Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline has a rival: the “peace pipeline” aka the Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) gas pipeline. They both aim to supply Pakistan and India with much-needed gas. This explains, to some extent, the increased troop levels in Afghanistan and the increasingly aggressive stance towards Iran. More detailed information can be found here and here.

"Mr Jones, come at me!"

Greg Palast interview (May 2007) — INN World Report

25 August 2007

BBC and Guardian reporter Greg Palast, gives his opinion on controlled explosives being used in the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings. As you will see, Palast doesn't think much of Prof Steven E Jones, describing him as a fruitcake and a complete and utter fraud (Nice one, Greg). What is the demolition industry's view on the collapses? See here. (Read/post comments on this clip here)

Screw 9/11 Mysteries.

Screw 9/11 Mysteries (Clunkity Clunk Edition) — The Doc

3 May 2007

This is a counter-video to the first edition of 911 Mysteries. Using their own video and words, Screw 9/11 Mysteries aims to point out not only the bad science used in the film, but also the several accounts of lying, quote-mining, tricky editing and strawman arguments.

Skyscraper Fire Fighters.

Skyscraper Fire Fighters (2007) — Horizon, BBC

24 April 2007

Programme that looks at a new revolutionary system for fire-fighting in buildings. The film examines what happened to the Trade Center Towers. You will see a test carried out by Jose Torero, the developer of Firegrid, that illustrates the temperatures reached from a simple fire and the impact this can have on the stability of a building. (Read/post comments on this programme here)

Kill the Messenger.

Kill the Messenger — Mathieu Verboud & Jean R Viallett

24 April 2007

Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds has granted a film crew full and exclusive access to document her story and her struggle against the FBI. She is attempting to expose the truth on some specific, yet hidden, aspects of today's “War on Terror”. This is a 52min version of a 90min film.

The Saudi Royal Family.

The Saudi Royal Family (2002) — CBS News

3 April 2007

This film profiles the secretive House of Saud, from the oil boom of the 40s and 50s, to the complicated and fraught relations with the west amid rising fundamentalism. (See how the Saudis are connected to 9/11 here and here)

9/11: The Conspiracy Files.

The Conspiracy Files — BBC

19 February 2007

The BBC's recent debunk of the film Loose Change succeeded in dispelling some of the ridiculous theories that surround 9/11, propagated by the right-wing and fundamentalist Christians. However, it failed to address certain points about the attacks that have yet to be resolved:

  • Why were the dozens of warnings from many countries — some specific — not acted upon? [sources]
  • What happened to the money trail that linked the lead hijacker with Pakistan's ISI? [sources]
  • Why wasn't bin Laden apprehended whilst receiving kidney dialysis? [sources]
  • Why were FBI agents pulled from investigating al-Qaeda, before 9/11? [sources]
  • What are the links between some of the hijackers and the Saudi government? [sources]
  • Why were top al-Qaeda fighters and Taliban leaders allowed to escape US forces in Afghanistan? [sources]

The BBC, therefore, has only superficially looked into the events of 9/11. From this point of view the programme is flawed. It would have done better if it had used 9/11: Press for Truth (see below) as its benchmark, instead of Loose Change.

9/11: Press for Truth.

9/11: Press for Truth (2006) — Ray Nowosielski & John Duffy

19 February 2007

What actions were taken by top government officials who received dozens of specific warnings before the attack? Was Osama bin Laden and his top al-Qaeda leadership allowed to escape US forces in Afghanistan? And what has been the reason for the deliberate obscuring of evidence for state sponsorship? Adapting Paul Thompson's definitive Complete 9/11 Timeline, the filmmakers reveal a pattern of official lies, deception and spin. As a result, a very different picture of 9/11 emerges, one that raises new and more pressing questions.


Afghanistan — Bremner, Bird & Fortune

18 December 2006

Satirical look at British and American foreign policy towards Afghanistan over the years. (The war couldn't have anything to do with a pipeline, could it?)

CBS News, October 1993.

FBI knew in advance of first World Trade Centre attack in 1993 — CBS News

9 December 2006

The FBI may have been able to prevent the WTC bomb attack in 1993. They discussed secretly substituting harmless powder for the explosives, but they didn't — according to the FBI's own informant who recorded many of his conversations with his handlers.

The Oil Factor...

The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror (2004) — Free-Will Productions

23 October 2006

After assessing today's dwindling oil reserves and skyrocketing use of oil for fuels, plastics and chemicals, The Oil Factor questions the motives for the US wars in the Middle East and Central Asia, where three-quarters of the world's oil and natural gas is located.

Pakistani President Gen Pervez Musharraf.

Musharraf defends his spy service (ISI) — Newsnight, BBC

30 September 2006

A UK Ministry of Defence paper says Pakistan's intelligence service, the ISI, indirectly backs terrorism by supporting religious parties in the country. Indian police also claim that the ISI planned the train blasts in Mumbai. In Musharraf's new book, he claims that the killer of American Journalist Daniel Pearl, was in fact a British MI6 agent, Omar Sheikh. Sheikh is alleged to have wired $100,000 to lead 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta, on the orders of former ISI director-general Lt-Gen Mahmud Ahmad. An alleged bomb-plotter has also accused the ISI of running terrorist training camps.

The Real Friends of Terror.

The Real Friends of Terror — Ted Honderich

20 September 2006

Can suicide bombers ever be justified? Professor Honderich, Britain's leading moral philosopher, is unafraid to tell the truth as he sees it. Taking what he says is the betrayal of the Palestinian people as his starting point, Honderich reveals who shares moral responsibility for recent acts of terrorism, and points a finger at the politicians. Bizarrely, David Aaronovitch presented a response to this programme, failing completely to address Honderich's “Principle of Humanity”.

Ali Mohamed.

Bin Laden's Spy in America (or, The CIA's Plant in al-Qaeda?) — Jonathan Towers

11 September 2006

Although whitewashed, this film provides some insight into how the CIA and the FBI may have managed to engineer 9/11 using informants and provocateurs, setting America off into its war of imperialism. Based on the book Triple Cross by Peter Lance, who claims government “negligence”. More information on the US double-agent.

World Trade Center Building 7.

Engineering Disasters: World Trade Center Building 7

10 April 2006

In this eight-minute segment from one episode, engineers discuss the possible causes for the collapse of the WTC7 building. No airplane struck it. Could its cantilevered location over the Con Ed substation, the falling debris from tower one and the resulting fires have caused the failure?
(Read/post comments on this film here)

There were NO explosives.

The Fall of the World Trade Center — Horizon, BBC

6 April 2006

First broadcast in March 2002, this documentary looks at the factors that caused the collapse of the twin towers, as investigated by professionally qualified structural engineers.
(Read/post comments on this film here)

Denial Stops Here: From 9-11 to Peak Oil and Beyond.

Denial Stops Here: From 9-11 to Peak Oil and Beyond — Michael C Ruppert

1 April 2006

Ruppert's follow-up to The Truth and Lies of 9-11. In this film, compiled from various recent lectures, Ruppert discusses the 9-11 cover-up, peak oil, the war in Iraq, economic turmoil and accountability, world events relating to oil, and sustainability and the importance of community reliance.

9/11: Attack or Godsend?

9/11: Attack or Godsend? — TweeVandaag

1 November 2005

Was 9/11 more than just an attack? Could the Bush administration have had anything to gain from the attack? Two prominent European politicians, Michael Meacher and Andreas von Bulow, express their serious doubts about the official version of the 9/11 story.

Anthrax Attacks.

Anthrax Attacks — Bernie Dudek

1 October 2005

How was it that refined anthrax — favoured by and under the control of the US bio-defence community — found its way into letters sent to news outlets and US Senators in what appeared to be another terrorist attack? The FBI investigation soon closed in on the, er, USAMRIID at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

How the Twin Towers Collapsed.

How the Twin Towers Collapsed — Ben Bowie, Channel 4

24 May 2005

Documentary using eyewitness accounts and computer animation to reveal what happened to the World Trade Center after it was attacked. Experts consider whether the buildings' unusual design contributed to their rapid downfall, while the architects who helped create it and the engineers investigating its collapse give their opinions.

National Institute of Standards and Technology

NIST is conducting an investigation into the collapse of the WTC towers and WTC 7. You can read for yourself their findings and conclusions here.

(The Dossier does NOT subscribe to the theory that controlled explosives were used to bring down the buildings. This theory is propagated by the right-wing and fundamentalist Christians, and should be regarded as disinformation)


The War Party — Panorama, BBC

8 February 2005

Panorama investigates the “neo-conservatives”, the small and unelected group of right-wingers, who critics claim have hijacked the White House.

The War for Oil.

The War for Oil (2003) — Money Programme, BBC

6 February 2005

The advocates of war insist “it's not about oil”. But global oil production is on the brink of terminal decline, and when the West begins to run short of supplies, Iraq could be a lifeline.

Channel 4 News - Meacher.

Michael Meacher: This war on terrorism is bogus — Channel 4 News

17 January 2005

Former UK government minister Michael Meacher was interviewed by Channel 4 about his article published in the Guardian entitled: This war on terrorism is bogus.

What Barry Says.

What Barry Says — Simon Robson

25 December 2004

An animation constructed around a monologue by Barry McNamara, criticizing US foreign policy and the Project for the New American Century.

the World According to Bush.

The World According to Bush — William Karel & Eric Laurent

15 November 2004

Excellent documentary on the inner-workings of the Bush administration. Aims to show how the Bushes have not only dined with the devil, but have often invited themselves to his table.

Hijacking Catastrophe.

Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, fear and the selling of American Empire — imMEDIAte Pictures

14 November 2004

This documentary examines how the neo-conservatives used 9/11 to put their pre-planned agenda into action. It covers the two-decade struggle by the ‘neo-fascists’ to dramatically increase military spending in the wake of the Cold War, and to expand American power globally by means of force.

The Power of Nightmares.

The Power of Nightmares — Adam Curtis, BBC

2 November 2004

Documentary that explores how the idea that we are threatened by a hidden and organised terrorist network is an illusion.

Part 1: Baby it's cold outside

Part 2: The phantom victory

Part 3: The shadows in the cave

Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore

Fahrenheit 9/11 — Michael Moore

21 May 2004

Winner of the Palme D'or 2004 Cannes film festival.

Anthrax Letter.

Anthrax Investigation — BBC and Learning Channel

9 May 2004

Documentary looking into the anthrax letters and who really sent them.

9-11 International Inquiry.

The International Inquiry into 9-11 — San Francisco and Toronto

18 April 2004

In March/May 2004, leading 9-11 researchers gathered to present a conference. Here are interviews with some of the speakers:

Mike Ruppert.

9-11, peak oil and the window of opportunity — Mike Ruppert

Former LAPD narcotics officer, whistleblower and author.

Barrie Zwicker.

Deep complicity, 9-11 and the media — Barrie Zwicker

TV host/producer and media critic.

Paul Thompson.

Pakistan and 9-11 — Paul Thompson

Nafeez Ahmed.

The importance of understanding 9-11 — Nafeez Ahmed


Er, er, ??!!

Bush press conference — CNN News

20 December 2003

A reporter asks about Dean's comments that Bush had foreknowledge of 9-11; observe the strange reaction by Bush.

FBI Special Agent Robert Wright.

Judicial Watch News Conference with FBI Special Agent Robert Wright — C-Span

28 November 2003

Former FBI counter-terrorism agent Robert Wright claims that the agency inhibited his probes into terrorist groups. Testimony from 2002.

CBC News.

Conspiracy Theories — The Fifth Estate, CBC

2 November 2003

Canadian TV documentary looking at the connections between the Bush and bin Laden families, and the Saudi ‘elite’.

Michael Meacher.

Michael Meacher Interview — INN World Report

7 October 2003

Former British government minister Michael Meacher discusses the “bogus war on terrorism”.

Pilger in Afghanistan.

Breaking the Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror (2003) — John Pilger

2 October 2003

Documentary exposing the real reasons for the “war on terror”, raising the issue of rising fascism.

BBC Newsnight.

Has someone been sitting on the FBI? — Greg Palast, Newsnight, BBC

30 December 2002

An item about how Bush and the bin Ladens are connected, and how FBI investigations into terrorist groups were stopped by the US government.

What really happened in Florida? — Greg Palast, Newsnight, BBC

30 December 2002

How the Bush brothers stole the 2000 US election by removing black Democrats from voter lists in Florida.

ABC News Nightline.

In the National Interest (2002) — Nightline, ABC

30 December 2002

Special news report on the politics, the players and the potential of developing a relationship with Central Asia to end dependence on Persian Gulf oil.

the Truth and Lies of 9-11.

The Truth and Lies of 9-11 — Michael Ruppert

30 December 2002

Here is an excellent lecture by former LAPD narcotics officer Michael Ruppert, held at Portland State University in November 2001. He shows how September 11th is connected with oil, gas, heroin, money laundering and the US stockmarket.

Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11.

AfterMath: Unanswered Questions from 9/11 — Guerrilla News Network

30 December 2002

Aftermath features nine (9) people answering eleven (11) of the most pressing questions that emanate from the terrible, and as yet unexplained, events of that day. As you will see, these are questions that continue to overshadow and critically challenge the “official” version of the story.

Mary Schiavo.

“What did they know?” — Mary Schiavo

30 December 2002

Former Inspector General, Dept of Transportation and assistant US attorney.

Greg Palast.

Bush, the bin Laden family and the Saudis — Greg Palast

30 December 2002

BBC Newsnight's investigative US reporter.

Michael Moore.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

30 December 2002

Michael Moore has some issues concerning September 11th.

Mike Springman.

Unanswered Questions, National Press Club — Snowshoe Films

30 December 2002

Former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah, Michael Springman, reveals how he was ordered by high-level State Dept officials to issue visas to unqualified applicants. These applicants were recruits — rounded up by Osama bin Laden — that would travel to the US for terrorist-training by the CIA to later fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.