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The morality of torture: A toxic legacy.

The morality of torture: A toxic legacy — Aljazeera

30 November 2018

An investigation into the covert CIA programme of torture outlawed by former President Obama and favoured by the Trump administration.

Wagging the Tail: Covert Passive Surveillance.

Wagging the Tail: Covert Passive Surveillance — Si and Agent X, DEFCON

28 September 2018

This talk will focus on mobile and foot surveillance techniques used by surveillance teams. It will also include tips on identifying if you are under surveillance and how to make their life difficult.

Pont Saint Esprit.

Pont Saint Esprit: CIA LSD Experiment — Channel 5

7 January 2018

Pont Saint Esprit — a quiet, picturesque village in the south of France. But in August 1951, it witnessed a bizarre and terrifying event: with no warning, 250 of its inhabitants were hit by a deadly outbreak of madness. The unexplained mass hysteria was blamed on the local baker's bread, said to be infected by a fungus called ergot—which if eaten, can cause frightening hallucinations. But not everyone believes accidental ergot poisoning was the cause of the outbreak of madness. “I don't have any doubt whatsoever that what happened at Pont Saint Esprit was an experiment conducted for specific military and intelligence purposes to benefit the United States government.” Investigative journalist Hank Albarelli believes the CIA deliberately laced the bread dough with LSD — a chemical derived in the lab from ergot — to test the effects of the mind-altering drug, “aimed specifically at producing those results that were witnessed.”

Omagh bombing.

Omagh bombing — Channel 5

7 January 2018

August 15, 1998 — a five-hundred pound car bomb exploded in the centre of the small northern Irish town of Omagh. It killed 29 men, women and children. Northern Ireland's deadliest single bomb attack brought immediate condemnation from all political sides, and pledges to catch those responsible. But 17 years later, no one has been convicted for it. This has led some to consider a frightening possibility: that the British secret services knew of the planned attack, but let it go ahead to protect an undercover British agent who had infiltrated the terrorist organisation involved in the bombing — “It has been suggested that by stopping the bombing they may have been revealing an informer who was very important from an intelligence perspective. The state potentially allowed, or turned a blind eye, to their civilians losing their lives.”

Stakeknife: The Spy in the IRA.

Stakeknife: The Spy in the IRA — Panorama, BBC

11 April 2017

In the murky world of British intelligence during the Northern Ireland conflict, one agent's life appears to have mattered more than others. Codenamed Stakeknife, Freddie Scappaticci rose through the ranks of the IRA to run their internal security unit. He was the IRA's chief spy catcher, in charge of rooting out those suspected of collaborating with the British, who were then executed. But all the time he was in fact working for the British intelligence services — Stakeknife was their ‘golden egg’, the British Army's most important spy during the Troubles.

Panorama reveals that a classified report links Scappatici to at least 18 murders. Some of these victims were themselves agents and informers. Scappaticci, the intelligence agencies who tasked him and the IRA to whom he also answered are now the subject of a new £35 million criminal enquiry. Panorama discloses how he kept his cover by having the blood of other agents on his hands, how the intelligence agencies appeared to tolerate this and why he has been protected for so long.

The Newburgh Sting.

The Newburgh Sting (2014) — Kate Davis and David Heilbroner, Q-Ball Productions

23 January 2017

Just 60 miles north of New York City sits the poverty-stricken town of Newburgh, where, in 2009, four men were lured by a shady Pakistani man into a plot to bomb Jewish centres in the Bronx. But once the men were on board, their leader, who doubled as an FBI undercover agent, led them straight to the authorities. Their arrest was hailed as a national victory in the war on terror. Using never-before-seen footage from hidden cameras, David Heilbroner and Kate Davis investigate just what homegrown terrorism truly means in this shocking and galvanizing exposé of “entrapment”.

True Spies (leftwing edit).

True Spies (leftwing edit) — BBC

30 August 2016

This three-part BBC documentary series was broadcast in 2002. It reveals how the British Secret State spied on so-called “subversives” in the media, trade unions and political organisations. Through the use of surveillance, infiltration and informants, MI5 and Special Branch worked together to disrupt legitimate political action. The versions featured here have been re-edited to remove most of the rightwing bias found in the original broadcast versions, and therefore have shorter running times.


Intelexit: Calling secret service agents to quit their jobs — Chaos Computer Club

29 August 2016

Giant billboard vans, drone-operated leaflet drops over an NSA building and calls to secret service agents, Intelexit explores all routes to reach out to secret service agents and convince them to follow their conscience and quit their jobs. Gloria Spindle from the Peng! Collective explains the Intelexit initiative.

GLADIO, NATO: Aldo Moro.

GLADIO, NATO: Aldo Moro — Kate Dooley

20 August 2016

The case of Aldo Moro, former Prime Minister of Italy, who was kidnapped and murdered in 1978. Evidence suggests that his murder may have been orchestrated by the CIA and the clandestine NATO operation codenamed GLADIO.

The Plot Against Harold Wilson.

The Plot Against Harold Wilson (2006) — Paul Dwyer, BBC

21 March 2016

Dramatised documentary which explores the reasons behind the sudden resignation on 16 March 1976 of British prime minister Harold Wilson. It is based on secret discussions that he had at the time with two journalists in which he alleges that the British intelligence services had made his position as prime minister untenable and that Britain was on the brink of a military coup, with Lord Mountbatten, the Queen's cousin, lined up to head an interim government after Wilson had been deposed.

15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group.

15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group — Look East, BBC

2 February 2016

The role of units like the Paras, the Royal Anglians and the RAF may be well known; but the same can't be said of the team based near Bedford, England. Until now, 15 Psy Ops Group has been out of sight and out of mind, and this is the first time the cameras have been allowed behind their doors.

MI6 failed to spot mole.

Burgess and Maclean: secret files revealed — Michael Crick, Channel 4 News

16 October 2015

They were part of the most notorious spy ring in British history: Burgess and Maclean — names now synonymous with treachery. For over half a century, internal Foreign Office files on the pair have remained hidden — locked away in a secret archive in the home counties. But tonight Channel 4 News, for the first time, can publish some of these documents, which lay bear the ignorance of the British establishment about their activities.

The Deadly Legacy of Ex-CIA Director Allen Dulles.

The Rise of America's Secret Government: The Deadly Legacy of Ex-CIA Director Allen Dulles — Democracy Now

13 October 2015

It’s been more than 50 years since Allen Dulles resigned as director of the CIA, but his legacy lives on. Between 1953 and 1961, under his watch, the CIA overthrew the governments of Iran and Guatemala, invaded Cuba, and was tied to the killing of Patrice Lumumba, Congo’s first democratically elected leader. We speak with David Talbot, author of The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government, about how Dulles’ time at the CIA helped shape the current national security state.

The Hunter and His Prey.

The Hunter and His Prey — Spotlight, BBC

9 June 2015

The story of Freddie Scappaticci, the IRA man who hunted down men and women suspected of betrayal but who was working for the state himself and was described as the ‘golden egg’ of British intelligence. Darragh MacIntyre investigates.

How this FBI strategy is actually creating US-based terrorists.

Trevor Aaronson: How this FBI strategy is actually creating US-based terrorists — TED Talks

4 June 2015

There's an organization responsible for more terrorism plots in the United States than al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab and ISIS combined: The FBI. How? Why? In an eye-opening talk, investigative journalist Trevor Aaronson reveals a disturbing FBI practice that breeds terrorist plots by exploiting Muslim-Americans with mental health problems.

Kincora: calls for abuse to be included in UK inquiry.

Kincora: calls for abuse to be included in UK inquiry — Channel 4 News

1 June 2015

A man who was abused at Kincora children's home in Belfast is demanding that what happened there decades ago should be included in the UK-wide inquiry set up by the government. Gary Hoy, who was abused by two men at the home who were subsequently convicted, says that Kincora should be considered by the wider Westminster child abuse inquiry. He says bringing Kincora within the scope of Justice Goddard's inquiry would mean that witnesses and the security services would be forced to hand over documents. The judicial review will hear allegations that MI5 covered up abuse at Kincora to protect an intelligence operation it ran in the 1970s. Three care staff at the home were jailed in 1981 for abusing 11 boys, and there are claims that a paedophile ring at Kincora had links to the intelligence services.

Britain's Secret Terror Deals.

Britain's Secret Terror Deals — Panorama, BBC

28 May 2015

British security forces have been accused of involvement in dozens of murders during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Reporter Darragh MacIntyre investigates allegations that the state colluded with paramilitary killers and covered up their crimes. He meets the families who have been fighting for decades to uncover the government's darkest secrets and he confronts some of those believed to be complicit.

Kincora: State of Shame.

Kincora: State of Shame — Spotlight, BBC Northern Ireland

12 October 2014

The Kincora Scandal. Disturbing new evidence about one of Northern Ireland's most notorious child abuse controversies. Was this scandal covered up to protect a British intelligence operation? Chris Moore investigates.

How DoD Flawed Algorithms are Basis for Drone Kill List.

How DoD Flawed Algorithms are Basis for Drone Kill List — Breaking the Set, RT

26 August 2014

Abby Martin features an interview with author and journalist Nafeez Ahmed, discussing his four-part investigation into the Pentagon’s mass social science project called The Minerva Research Initiative, as well as his latest book Zero Point.

Fair chance protestors ‘being reported on’ — Mark Thomas on protests & corporate spying.

Fair chance protestors ‘being reported on’: Mark Thomas on protests & corporate spying — Going Underground, RT

24 July 2014

Comedian Mark Thomas talks about the power of protest. Having been a protestor for most of his life, Mark has been spied on by BAE Systems & put on blacklists, including the domestic extremist database. He talks about his experience when a friend of 7 years was found to be passing information along to a company in which one of the directors, Barry Gane, was a former deputy director of MI6. He warns, ‘I think you need to assume if you are involved in any kind of group that is environmental, that is anti-arms trade, anti-globalisation, pro-democracy or trade union, I would assume that there is a chance that your organisation is being reported on’ and points out numerous examples of companies who've been exposed in the press, such as E·ON. Working with the NUJ, he is looking into taking action against the police for information gathered on journalists. But he feels protest can be effective, pointing out in the mid-80s no one took any interest in debt cancellation, and now it's a global issue.


Counter-Intelligence: Shining a Light on Black Operations — Metanoia Films

17 February 2014

“An extraordinary work by a gifted filmmaker, ‘Counter-Intelligence’ shines sunlight into the darkest crevices of empire run amok. The film vividly exposes a monstrous and unconstitutional ‘deep state’ in which multiple competing chains of command — all but one illegal — hijack government capabilities and taxpayer funds to commit crimes against humanity in our name. Anyone who cares about democracy, good government, and the future will want to watch all five segments of this remarkable film.” — Robert David STEELE Vivas: CIA, USMC, OSS, Earth Intelligence Network and Founder, Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog.

The Paedophile MP: How Cyril Smith Got Away With It.

The Paedophile MP: How Cyril Smith Got Away With It — Dispatches, Channel 4

19 September 2013

Liberal MP Cyril Smith was knighted in life and celebrated in death. Behind this public face, Dispatches reporter Liz MacKean investigates Smith's paedophilia and uncovers the “inaction” by police officers, Security Services, politicians and the Crown Prosecution Service, which allowed Smith to abuse for decades. MacKean unearths previously hidden investigation files to reveal why Smith's crimes were ignored and how one of Britain's most famous politicians was protected by the establishment.

Bandar "Bush" with two leeches

Iran-Contra? Prince Bandar heads secret Saudi-CIA effort to aid Syrian rebels, topple Assad — Democracy Now

19 September 2013

The Wall Street Journal recently revealed new details about how Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud — Saudi's former ambassador to the United States — is leading the effort to prop up the Syrian rebels. Intelligence agents from Saudi Arabia, the United States, Jordan and other allied states are working at a secret joint operations centre in Jordan to train and arm hand-picked Syrian rebels.

Tony Benn.

After Dark: Out of Bounds? (1989) — Open Media

26 August 2013

Late-night discussion programme that explores the accountability of intelligence agencies. Tony Benn obtains some frank admissions from his fellow guests and explains how the intelligence agencies exist to maintain the ultra right-wing status quo in Britain and America. Features Tony Benn (MP for Chesterfield), Miles Copeland (Founder Member CIA), Adele Gooch (Defence Journalist Daily Telegraph), Lord Dacre (Ex-Intelligence Officer; Historian), Anthony Cavendish (Ex-MI5/MI6 Officer), Eddie Chapman (Former double agent) and James Rusbridger (Ex-MI6; Author The Intelligence Game).

MI5's Official Secrets.

MI5's Official Secrets (1985) — 20/20 Vision, Channel 4

25 August 2013

In this programme, former MI5 Officer Cathy Massiter expresses disquiet about MI5's over zealous definition of the term “subversive”. She reveals the National Council for Civil Liberties and CND are classified as ‘subversive’. She claims MI5's definition of subversive was being distorted and widened, saying: “We were violating our own rules. It seemed to be getting out of control.”

After Dark: British Intelligence?

After Dark: British Intelligence? (1988) — Open Media

18 May 2013

Late-night discussion programme that explores British intelligence (spies, traitors, private security contractors, disinformation, accountability), Northern Ireland and issues of “national security”. Features Merlyn Rees (former Labour MP), H. Montgomery Hyde (former MI6 officer), Robert Harbinson (writer Robin Bryans), Air Commodore Alastair Mackie (former JIC member and VP of CND), Robin Ramsay (co-editor Lobster magazine), Jock Kane (former GCHQ radio operator) and Gary Murray (former private investigator).

Alexis Tsipras.

‘Blackmail, terrorism and tension’: Greek left turns up rhetoric — Paul Mason, BBC

27 February 2013

Greece is a country where economic crisis has given way to social crisis. The far right on the march, tube strikes have paralysed the capital. Now there is growing political violence. The police have moved to clear out anarchist squats. Political party offices have been firebombed. Last month, someone fired a Kalashnikov at the HQ of the ruling party, New Democracy. Now the opposition leader Alexis Tsipras has upped the ante, accusing Prime Minister Antonis Samaras's government of pursuing a “strategy of tension”, akin to that allegedly pursued by the Italian secret service in the 1970s. more »

Pat Finucane.

Finucane Report Reveals Shocking Levels of Collusion — Channel 4 News, BBC

12 December 2012

A 500-page report has confirmed that agents of the British state were involved in the 1989 murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane. The review found RUC officers proposed the killing, said they passed information to his killers and failed to stop the attack and then obstructed the murder investigation. It also found that an Army intelligence unit, the FRU, “bears a degree” of responsibility because one of their agents, Brian Nelson, was involved in selecting targets.

The Secret Drone War.

The Secret Drone War — Panorama, BBC

11 December 2012

America's CIA is fighting a secret war in the badlands of Pakistan — targeting al-Qaeda and other militants with hellfire missiles in drone strikes that the UN says are illegal. No one knows the true number who have died, but it is estimated that the death toll may be around 3,000 — some of them, it is claimed, innocent women and children. Panorama goes to Waziristan, one of the most dangerous places in the world, to report on the drone war and to find out from its victims why they are seeking justice in the British courts.


Collusion — Ed Augustin

21 October 2012

This programme examines the allegations that the British intelligence, army and local police colluded with terrorist groups in Northern Ireland during three decades of conflicts from the late 1960s.

Watching the Detectives.

Watching the Detectives — Dispatches, Channel 4

15 May 2012

How safe are your secrets? Dispatches reveals how easy it is to buy our most personal and confidential information. In a year-long undercover investigation, private detectives sell Dispatches access to health and criminal records, mobile phone bills and bank accounts. The programme discovers the extent of the black market in personal data and reveals how supposedly secure databases are open to exploitation.

The Spy Factory.

The Spy Factory — James Bamford

1 December 2011

In this program, an eye-opening documentary on the National Security Agency by best-selling author James Bamford, Nova exposes the ultra-secret intelligence agency's role in the failure to stop the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent eavesdropping program that listens in without warrant on millions of American citizens.

Colin Wallace.

After Dark: Secrets (1987) — Open Media

13 September 2011

Late-night discussion programme that explores government secrecy. Features psychological warfare operative Colin Wallace, who was wrongly convicted of manslaughter in 1980. Journalist Paul Foot suggested that Wallace may have been framed by British security services in a bid to discredit his allegations that members of the intelligence community had attempted to rig the 1974 General Election. Wallace was involved with the ‘Clockwork Orange’ project.

Gene Wheaton.

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend — Prentiss McCabe

13 September 2010

Short film about the “blowback” created by the US in its covert training of Islamic militants in Afghanistan during the 1980s.

Ian Johnson.

A Mosque in Munich: Nazis, the CIA, and the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West — Ian Johnson

23 August 2010

What do Nazis, the CIA, and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West have in common? The untold story of a group of ex-Soviet Muslims who defected to Germany during World War II has a lesson for today: beware of using religion as a tool.

NATO's Secret Armies.

NATO's Secret Armies (2009) — Andreas Pichler

9 July 2010

In 1990, alarming evidence of NATO-sponsored terrorist attacks came to light. This is the shocking story of Operation Gladio; a tale of espionage, conspiracy and political violence.

Matt Waldman.

Matt Waldman on Taliban-ISI links — Aljazeera

15 June 2010

Matt Waldman, a fellow at Harvard University, is the author of a new report accusing Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of funding and training the Afghan insurgency. In an interview with Aljazeera, Waldman discusses his methodology and the reasons why Pakistan might view the Taliban as an ally.

Shadow Secrets: refined and improved.

Shadow Secrets — The Dossier

9 March 2010

Compiled, edited and produced by theDossier, this film looks at the origins and history of the Afghan Mujahedin and al-Qaeda, and their associations with various intelligence agencies including the CIA, FBI, MI6 and those of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

David Headley: stranger than fiction.

David Headley: stranger than fiction — Channel 4 News

5 February 2010

News report about an alleged US agent's involvement with the Mumbai attacks. Watch an interview with people that knew Headley. Find out facts about Headley.

Princely Trafficking.

Royal Inquest: Princely Trafficking — Edward Schillinger & Mike Dang

17 November 2009

Documentary about Saudi Prince Nayef Al-Shaalan, who was sentenced in absentia to ten years in jail on charges of involvement in a cocaine-smuggling gang. The prince was one of ten people handed jail terms in connection with an operation which landed two tonnes of cocaine outside Paris in 1999. He was accused of using his diplomatic immunity to smuggle drugs to France on board a private jet. Was the grandson of founding Saudi monarch Abdulaziz and son-in-law to the Saudi deputy defence minister trying to covertly raise money for black operations?

Murder in St James's.

Murder in St James's (1997) — Dispatches, Channel 4

25 August 2009

Investigation into the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, who was shot whilst on duty during a protest outside the Libyan Embassy in 1984. The two-part documentary suggests that she was killed not by someone inside the Embassy as originally claimed, but by a gunman in an adjacent building used by the British security services. The film probes deeper and finds evidence indicating that the murder was carried out by an anti-Gaddafi terrorist organisation backed by the CIA. By killing a British police officer and blaming Gaddafi's Libya, it seems the plan was to start a coup in order to remove Gaddafi and install a puppet regime to seize Libya's oil.

Secret Services Puppet.

Secret Service's Puppet — Nasrin Parsa

19 June 2009

In 2000, four young Algerians were arrested in Frankfurt. They were accused of being members of al-Qaida and tried. This is the story of the first al-Qaida trial in Europe. The film shows how French and Algerian intelligence instigated the terror cell, enabling their training and acquisition of weapons. The objective in this case was to prevent an Islamic government from forming and thus threatening access to oil and gas reserves by western companies. This model of operation appears to be in use in the UK and America.

Newsnight Special: Inside al-Qaeda.

Inside al-Qaeda — Newsnight Special, BBC

15 March 2009

A spy who infiltrated al-Qaeda and met some of the world's most senior terrorist figures has spoken exclusively to the BBC. In the 1990s he trained in the terror camps of Afghanistan and warned of al-Qaeda's emerging threat.

Tottenham Ayatollah Revisited.

Tottenham Ayatollah Revisited (2005) — Jon Ronson and Saul Dibb

22 February 2009

Re-screening of the 1997 documentary on muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed, with a new introduction from Jon Ronson. Follows a year in the life of Bakri — who was previously involved with the Muslim Brotherhood and created the banned radical-Islamist organisation Al-Muhajiroun. It now appears that Bakri was an “informant” for MI5; when this began is unclear. Also featured in this film is the organisation's legal expert Anjem Choudary. Others with connections to UK intelligence include: Abu Hamza al-Masri, Mohammed Quayyum Khan, Haroon Rashid Aswat, Abu Qatada, Bisher al-Rawi and Omar Nasiri.

Rashid Rauf.

British terror suspect ‘escapes’ in Pakistan - Channel 4 News

15 November 2008

A British man who's been accused of involvement in a plot to blow up planes flying from London to the US has “escaped” from custody in Pakistan. It appears that Rashid Rauf is connected with Pakistan's intelligence service, the ISI. more »

Declassified: The Taliban.

Declassified: The Taliban (2005) — Shearer, Kosh, Flynn

11 July 2008

In 1979, the CIA armed and funded the Mujahedin, leaving a programme worth millions of dollars in the hands of the Pakistani intelligence service (ISI). Among the Mujahedin was a rich Saudi called Osama bin Laden. By 1984, the US was spending $200 million a year on the Afghan/Soviet war. After five years, President Reagan and the CIA decided to triple the budget for weapons to the Mujahedin. The Taliban emerge later in the mid-1990s out of the Pakistani madrassas. During this period, the ISI introduced bin Laden to Taliban leaders.

Taxi to the Darkside.

Taxi to the Darkside — Alex Gibney

9 October 2007

In this shocking film, Gibney tells the story of Dilawar, a young Afghan taxi driver arrested and questioned by the US forces at Bagram airbase. Just days after his arrest he was dead. Gibney exposes the extraordinary methods employed by Dilawar's interrogators — described by many contributors as torture. He then traces the chain of command which authorised the techniques, ending up at the White House itself. He sees how the methods migrated from Bagram to Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. With unprecedented access to senior White House figures, as well as Dilawar's interrogators, this is a chilling journey into the darker reaches of the “war on terrorism”. more »

The War on Democracy.

The War on Democracy (2007) — John Pilger

21 August 2007

This film explores Washington's relationship with countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile. It examines the theme of disenchantment with democracy, concentrating on those parts of the world where people have struggled with blood, sweat and tears to plant democracy, only to see it brutally crushed. Archive footage demonstrates how democracy has been wiped out in country after country in Latin America since the 1950s.

Italy Gate.

Italy Gate — Elizabeth Filippouli, Aljazeera

5 August 2007

Investigation into the death of Telecom Italia's security boss Adam Bove, whose probe into the abduction of a Muslim cleric set off a wiretapping scandal. He supposedly “jumped” from a freeway overpass to his death — but was he pushed? He'd uncovered extensive spyware in his country's telecommunications system.

Greek Gate.

Greek Gate — Elizabeth Filippouli, Aljazeera

28 July 2007

Just a few months before the 2004 Olympic Games began in Athens, the worst espionage scandal in Greece's history was uncovered. Vodafone discovered wire-tap software in its cell-phone system, allowing thousands of illegal interceptions to be made. People who were tapped included the Greek PM, a member of the opposition party, former prime ministers, journalists and businessmen. The event took a tragic and suspicious turn when Vodafone's leading engineer was found hanging, a day after the discovery of the devices.

Former MI5 double agent, Kevin Fulton.

Can We Trust the Security Services? — More4 News

11 July 2007

News report looking into the activities of MI5 and their involvement with the IRA. Features an interview with former MI5 double-agent “Kevin Fulton” who claims that his former handler was current MI5 boss Jonathan Evans.

Pakistan: The Threat Within.

Pakistan: The Threat Within — Nic Robertson, CNN

7 July 2007

CNN news-special that investigates Pakistan's role in the “war on terror”. Reveals, to some extent, the ISI's support of terrorist groups.

Kidnapped to Order.

Kidnapped to Order — Dispatches, Channel 4

12 June 2007

Dispatches exposes a new phase in America's dirty war on al-Qaeda: the rendition and detention of women and children. Last year, President Bush confirmed the existence of a CIA secret detention programme, but he refused to give details and said it was over. more »

Mystery Flights.

Mystery Flights — Olenka Frenkiel, BBC

25 May 2007

This World pieces together the jigsaw of “extraordinary rendition”, the alleged illegal CIA transfer of terror suspects to secret prisons in Europe. It is alleged that the CIA flew their planes to 29 different countries, and that there were 300 CIA landings in Europe alone. Frenkiel reports on the plane spotters, civilians, judges, lawyers and journalists piecing together the jigsaw of extraordinary rendition and torture. Features an interview with the former head of the CIA in Europe, Tyler Drumheller.

Coverup: Behind the Iran Contra Affair.

Coverup: Behind the Iran Contra Affair (1988) — Empowerment Project

14 May 2007

Coverup exposes several of the most disturbing chapters in the history of US covert foreign policy. It presents a tale of politics, drugs, hostages, weapons, assassinations, covert operations and the ultimate plan to suspend the US Constitution. This is the only film which presents a comprehensive overview of the most important stories suppressed during the Iran-Contra hearings. It is the only film that puts the entire Iran-Contra affair into a meaningful political and historical context.

Qayum Khan - is he working for MI5?

The Terror Trail — Newsnight, BBC

1 May 2007

Special report that looks into the terror networks in the UK and Pakistan, and the links between a failed UK bomb-plot and the 7/7 bombings. (This report is in two parts — click the link in the Newsnight player for part two)

Did MI5 miss the London bomber?

Did MI5 miss the London bomber? — Panorama, BBC

1 May 2007

Britain's biggest terrorism trial has just ended with the conviction of men who conspired to build a massive homemade bomb. But with the lifting of reporting restrictions, Panorama reveals the truth about what MI5 really knew about the July 2005 London bombers.

Porter Goss.

Sleaze alleged in the CIA — Newsnight, BBC

26 February 2007

Peter Marshall investigates the reasons behind the resignation of former CIA chief, Porter Goss.

CBS News, October 1993.

FBI knew in advance of first World Trade Center attack in 1993 — CBS News

9 December 2006

The FBI may have been able to prevent the WTC bomb attack in 1993. They discussed secretly substituting harmless powder for the explosives, but they didn't — according to the FBI's own informant who recorded many of his conversations with his handlers.

Pakistani President Gen Pervez Musharraf.

Musharraf defends his spy service (ISI) — Newsnight, BBC

30 September 2006

A UK Ministry of Defence paper says Pakistan's intelligence service, ISI, indirectly backs terrorism by supporting religious parties in the country. Indian police also claim that the ISI planned the train blasts in Mumbai. In Musharraf's new book, he claims that the killer of American Journalist Daniel Pearl was in fact a British MI6 agent, Omar Sheikh. Sheikh is alleged to have wired $100,000 to lead 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta, on the orders of former ISI director-general Lt-Gen Mahmud Ahmad. An alleged bomb plotter has also accused the ISI of running terrorist training camps.

Ali Mohamed.

Bin Laden's Spy in America (or, The CIA's Plant in al-Qaeda?) — Jonathan Towers

11 September 2006

Although whitewashed, this film provides some insight into how the CIA and the FBI may have managed to engineer 9/11 using informants and provocateurs, setting America off into its war of imperialism. Based on the book Triple Cross by Peter Lance, who claims government “negligence”. More information on the US double-agent here.

Mind Control: America's Secret War.

Mind Control: America's Secret War — A&E Television Networks

29 August 2006

US intelligence agencies have spent millions on top-secret mind-control projects. The projects involved brutal, often terminal, experiments on thousands of unwitting citizens in direct defiance of law, all ethical codes, and the most basic human rights.


Gladio (1992) — Allan Francovich, Timewatch, BBC

1 July 2006

For forty years, secret terrorist organisations — many trained by western intelligence agencies — have manipulated the political control of European sovereign states by a campaign of terror and murder. Originally part of a secret network, these groups changed from being defenders of state security into attackers of the established political order. Until 1990, that secret network was generally known by the single word GLADIO.

Part 1: The Ring Masters

Part 2: The Puppeteers

Part 3: The Foot Soldiers

Inside Indonesia's War on Terror.

Inside Indonesia's War on Terror — Dateline, SBS

15 April 2006

This controversial report, which includes extracts from an interview with the former President of Indonesia, points to the involvement of the Indonesian Military Intelligence and Police in the 2002 Bali bombing.

Death in Rome.

Death in Rome: The Case of Aldo Moro (2001) — Michael Busse & Rosa Maria Bobbi

15 April 2006

Aldo Moro, leader of the Christian Democratic Party and regarded as the next president of Italy, was murdered in 1978. Armed with new facts and witness statements, this documentary by award-winning directors provides clear proof of state complicity in Moro's assassination. Many believe that the killing was really the work of an unholy alliance of conspirators — the Italian Secret Service, Right Wing politicians, and the CIA — who had tricked the Red Brigades into doing their dirty work.

"Kevin Fulton"

“Kevin Fulton” — HARDtalk, BBC

11 April 2006

Stephen Sackur talks to a former British Army agent in the IRA. British intelligence had one potent weapon against the IRA in Northern Ireland: agents. “Kevin Fulton” reveals how far the infiltration went, and how the intelligence services would allow acts of terrorism to go ahead.

The Maltese Double Cross.

The Maltese Double Cross (1994) — Allan Francovich

10 April 2006

Investigation into the downing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. This documentary disputes the conclusion reached by the official investigation into the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, instead advancing the theory that the bomb was introduced onto the aircraft by an unwitting drug mule, Khaled Jafaar, in what the filmmaker claims is a CIA-protected suitcase.

Secrets of the CIA.

Secrets of the CIA (2006) — Caroline Davies

4 January 2006

Mainstream documentary run-down of the global devastation caused by the Central Intelligence Agency over the last 60 years. Features commentary with authors and journalists.

Mossad spy Robert Maxwell.

Conspiracies on Trial: Robert Maxwell, his last hour — Outline Productions

25 September 2005

Examines one of the most compelling conspiracy theories of the late 20th century — that Robert Maxwell was assassinated. Reveals that Mossad spy Maxwell tried to blackmail the Israeli secret service in order to pay his massive debts — they were having none of it.

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Interview with John Loftus — Fox News

2 August 2005

Former US Justice Dept Prosecutor John Loftus reveals that a London 7/7 terror suspect appears to be linked with British Intelligence.

The CIA and the Nazis.

Conspiracy: The CIA and the Nazis — Alex Flaster

31 July 2005

After 1945, more than 4,000 former Nazis were enlisted by the US government to help fight the Soviets. This secret project “Paperclip” used war criminals that should have been prosecuted at Nuremberg.

Lockerbie & the CIA.

Conspiracies: Lockerbie & the CIA — Redback Films

19 July 2005

Mainstream documentary that looks at the various scenarios surrounding the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie in December 1988. Was a CIA heroin-trafficking operation compromised, allowing a bomb to be placed on board?

Bay of Pigs: Declassified.

Bay of Pigs: Declassified — Indigo Films

9 April 2005

Drawing extensively on documents that were kept under wraps for nearly 40 years, this documentary tells the complete story of the ill-fated invasion. Examine an extremely rare report from the CIA Inspector General, which is sharply critical of the methods and procedures employed during the invasion.

MI5, MI6, CIA.

Spy Secrets: Playing Dirty (2003) — Carole Peters

1 April 2005

Assassination attempts on some of the world's most well-known figures and the commando units brought in to do the dirty work. Shows that the Intelligence Services aren't choosy when making friends, and how MI6 has a bad track record when choosing who to make friends with.

Dark Alliance.

A Crack in the Story (1997) — Dateline, NBC

15 March 2005

News special that examines the connections between the CIA and the Contras. Bob McKeown takes a ‘second look’ at Gary Webb's allegations that the CIA were involved in the sale and distribution of cocaine in America during the 1980s. Features Ricky Ross, Cele Castillo, John Kerry and Gary Webb.

Gary Webb.

Gary Webb: In his own words — Anthony Lappe & Stephen Marshall, GNN

25 December 2004

A tribute to the Pulitzer prize-winning reporter who broke the story of the CIA's involvement in the importation of cocaine into the US. Webb died in December 2004 from self-inflicted gunshots to the head.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

The coup against Hugo Chavez — Greg Palast, BBC

30 December 2003

Palast takes a look at the failed coup attempt by the US in the world's fourth largest oil exporting country, Venezuela.

Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor.

Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor — Roy Davies, BBC

5 December 2003

In this authoritative and suspenseful documentary, the BBC takes you inside the secret activities of the Americans, the British and the Japanese as each nation moved fatefully toward the “date that will live in infamy”.

The Secret Government.

The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis (1987) — Bill Moyers, PBS

30 November 2003

Short film about CIA involvement in various past atrocities — all in the name of “national security”.

ABC News.

Mission Mind Control — Closeup, ABC

15 November 2003

A 1979 documentary about the CIA's experiments in mind control and the MKUltra project.

Mike Springman.

Unanswered Questions, National Press Club — Snowshoe Films

30 December 2002

Former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah, Michael Springman, reveals how he was ordered by high-level State Dept officials to issue visas to unqualified applicants. These applicants were recruits — rounded up by Osama bin Laden — that would travel to the US for terrorist-training by the CIA to later fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.

Crack the CIA.

Crack the CIA — Stephen Marshall, GNN

30 December 2002

Tracking the covert history of CIA drug smuggling from Nicaragua to Arkansas and South Central Los Angeles, GNN sheds light on the darkest secret of the Agency's operational directorate. Crack The CIA features explosive footage of Mike Ruppert's historical televised confrontation with CIA Director John Deutch.


The Most Dangerous Game — Stephen Marshall, GNN

30 December 2002

The Most Dangerous Game traces the history of top-secret CIA mind control operation MK-ULTRA: from the covert importation of NAZI scientists at the end of WWII, to the illegal brainwashing experiments conducted on the patients of world famous psychiatric researcher, Dr. Ewen Cameron.

The War Conspiracy.

The War Conspiracy — Stephen Marshall, GNN

30 December 2002

Connections between the CIA, oil companies and the Vietnam war.

Secrets of the CIA.

Secrets of the CIA (1998) — James Otis

30 December 2002

A documentary featuring former CIA personnel who are speaking out about the agency.